Friday, June 8, 2012

Portishead - Dummy

Beth Gibbons is sexy. I saw a live video of them that my partner has and she's smoking the whole time, almost. Her voice is sexy. Portishead's music is sexy. They use a thereman sometimes, like in the opener "Mysterons", which sometimes sounds like a woman's voice, but it's an instrument used w/o touching anything. Awesome. Here's their first album, Dummy.

1) Mysterons
Geoff Barrow: Rhodes
Clive Deamer: Drums
Beth Gibbons: Vocals
Adrian Utley: Guitar/Thereman

2) Sour Times
Geoff Barrow: Programmer
Beth Gibbons: Vocals
Neil Solman: Rhodes/Hammond
Adrian Utley: Guitar
Samples: Lalo Schifrin from "More Mission Impossible" and Smokey Brooks from "Spin It Jig"

3) Strangers
Geoff Barrow: Rhodes
Clive Deamer: Drums
Beth Gibbons: Vocals
Adrian Utley: Guitar
Samples: Weather report from "Elegant People"

4) It Could Be Sweet
Geoff Barrow: Rhodes
Beth Gibbons: Vocals
Richard Newell: Drum Programmer

5) Wandering Star
Gary Baldwin: Hammond
Geoff Barrow: Programmer
Clive Deamer: Drums
Beth Gibbons: Vocals
Adrian Utley: Guitar
Samples: War from "Magic Mountain"

6) It's A Fire
Gary Baldwin: Hammond
Geoff Barrow: Drums
Beth Gibbons: Vocals
Adrian Utley: Bass

7) Numb
Gary Baldwin: Hammond
Geoff Barrow: Programmer & Drums
Clive Deamer: Drums
Beth Gibbons: Vocals
Adrian Utley: Bass

8) Roads
Geoff Barrow: Programmer & Strings Arrangement
Clive Deamer: Drums
Beth Gibbons: Vocals
Dave McDonald: Nose Flute
Neil Solman: Rhodes
Adrian Utley: Guitar/Bass & Strings Arrangement
Strings Unlimited: Strings

9) Pedestal
Geoff Barrow: Programmer
Clive Deamer: Drums
Beth Gibbons: Vocals
Andy Hague: Trumpet
Adrian Utley: Bass

10) Biscuit
Geoff Barrow: Rhodes
Clive Deamer: Drums
Beth Gibbons: Vocals
 Samples: Johnny Ray from "I'll Never Fall In Love Again"

11) Glory Box
Geoff Barrow: Programmer
Beth Gibbons: Vocals 
Adrian Utley: Guiatr/Hammond
Samples: "Ike's Rap III" performed by Isaac Hayes

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Walls Of Jericho - a day and a thousand years

I was just looking up posts on tumblr & I came across a pretty good female-fronted straight edge hardcore band called Kingdom & at first glance I thought "Oh this is the new Walls Of Jericho/Candace" but I was wrong. There will never be a new Walls Of Jericho/Candace. They were one of a kind; the best!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ari Up (from The Slits) went on to do solo stuff. As well as Exene Cervenka (from X) & Penelope Houston (The Avengers). Here is some of their solo work;

Ari Up "Dread More Dan Dead"

Exene Cervenka "Old Wives Tale"

Peneleope Houston "Cut"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dark Castle's album "Spirited Migration"

Dark Castle "flight beyond"     <------------------ (Youtube it!)

I just found out about a 2-piece (half male/half female) doom metal band called DARK CASTLE. My partner went "Yeah yeah, they rule, look up their music on Youtube!" So we did & someone took the time to upload every song off of "Spirited Migration" to Youtube! So right now we're dubbing our own tape of it & if you like this genre of music, you should try doing it, too. It's easy to buy a chord that goes from yr computer to yr stereo. You just gotta have them close enough together! Maybe that's an old-school way of doing it, but that's what we do & like... Go check em out! They fucking rule!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Benefit Comp (please read & spread message!)

hi there! some of you may know me, some of you may not. my name is christen (a.k.a. kisston) & i lost my mother due to ovarian cancer that turned into lung cancer back in the spring of 2009. with mother’s day right around the corner, i’m thinking of my mother more & more. she was my best friend.
i’ve been spinning around ideas in my head for the past few months of ways i can help cancer research groups and women’s health centers like the chicago women’s health center (CWHC).
i get sick to my stomach & upset when i think about my mother’s passing, because this disease, this cancer, took my mother’s life so quickly once she started to fight it. we had no health insurance. my mother was afraid to go to the doctor because she didn’t want any more bills. when shit started to get really bad for her, when she felt like she was dying, she finally went to the doctor. she had ovarian cancer. she decided she wanted to get rid of it. but unfortunately, it didn’t go away; it spread to her lungs. once it was in her lungs, it was only a matter of days before her life would be no more.
luckily, i have my friends & my passion for music (particularly female-fronted bands) to help me out, to put my mind at ease. it’s been almost three years without my mother.
so, i think it’s finally time that i do something to help out other people out there, especially women & especially those w/no health insurance. i said before i have a passion for female-fronted bands. another passion: punk/hardcore music. also, i’m a big fan of mix tapes (or CDs). i’ve made i-don’t-know-how-many mix tapes & CDs in the past 10 years. let’s just say the number is in the thousands.
MY IDEA is to put together a compilation of short (under one minute) songs by bands that have at least one female vocalist. i’ve already made a couple of mixes like this on my own. i really like fast rippers! and the more songs/bands i can fit on one CD or tape, the better!
so if you know a band (or are in a band) that has at least one female vocalist, i am asking you; will you please donate a song to this comp? yes, it has to be under a minute & it has to have a female singing/screaming in it. the proceeds are going to go to CWHC & cancer research groups. please spread this message to yr friends!
FAST, FURIOUS & FEMALE-FRONTED!” (that’s the theme folks! thank you for taking the time to read this.)
please e-mail me back if you are interested in donating a song to the comp. it can be a band from 20 years ago, 10 years ago, or a band that’s happening now. all i ask is that you have the right to be giving it up!
-christen- (kisston)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Terri "Cupcake" O'Mason

Here's something I found on my partner's computer. I was just listening to songs listed in his iTunes & I found this gem. It's from 1960. It's comedy plus music. It's got female vocals, so I wonder why my partner never showed me Terri O'Mason. It's very raunchy stuff. Check it out!

1) Introduction/Cupcakes
"before i start this album, you better take yr halos off!"

2) My First Piece
"but was i surprised when he tried that finger experience, but i liked my first piece best of all."

3) I Believe
"i do believe that sex is here to stay!"

4) Three Little Sisters
"there were three little sisters; faith, hope & charity..." [my mom was named "faith" & she had a sister called "hope."]

5) Boogie Woogie
"the newlyweds went to bed early. that itself isn't strange, but the very next day he gave her his pay. she started handing him change."

6) Hangover Blues
"i woke up this morning with a big fat head. i looked in the mirror & wished i was dead. DRUNK! i was sick as i could be. got those hangover blues. oooh, what that booze does to me."

7) Introduction/I'm Late
"i'm late, i'm late. i'm in an awful state!"

8) Horse Sense
"all my husband thinks about are horses. he never has a minute for me."

9) I'm A Lady
"we drank a fifth of gin & then he turned the lights out. but when i said i'm ready that's when he passed out."

10) Makin' Whoopee
"i've been fooled by many guys. i should be smart. i should be wise. i say this is a lifestyle. but my favorite past-time...just happens to be sex!"

11) Biggest Man In Havana
"he owns several banks. he had plenty to spare. had a big mansion. a real millionaire. the rooms were all round, for that guy was no square. he was the biggest man in havana."

12) House Of Ill Repute
"there was no man that i couldn't suit. you can ask the madam i worked for in that house of ill repute."